“The contractor or subcontractor recruits, supplies or hires workers only to perform work, work or service for a contractor, and the following are present: when the short contract expires, they reinstate them for an additional five months, etc. This is one of the main cost-cutting techniques in which companies participate. Thanks to the endo system, they avoid the regularization of workers and thus avoid the granting of benefits such as the 13th month of salary, annual leave, health benefits, social benefits and other similar benefits, which in turn reduces the cost of labour and business expenses. From the first drafts of the Philippine labour code to the present day, there have been no drastic contracting measures. This issue of the endo has been the subject of much debate on different presidencies, each of which has promised to put an end to this practice of exploitation, each president having made his contribution as a tiny amendment to the Philippine labour code. During his campaign for the 2016 presidential elections, one of Rodrigo Duterte`s promises was to phase out contract work and improve work in the Philippines. After his election, he appointed Silvestre Bello III secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, which envisaged that all companies would be under contract with at least 80% of the staff, according to the president`s orders. At the end of 2016, some 36,000 workers were regulated. In 2017, Duterte and Bello were aiming for a new permanent policy that would terminate the employment contract agreement by the end of February, but Bello did not sign it.

Instead, he first opted for dialogue between the president and workers` groups in order to obtain feedback. Finally, President Duterte met with workers` groups when Bello devised a new departmental order that would stop contract work. However, until March 16, Bello signed order 174 of the department, which set stricter guidelines for the implementation of the contract, but did not immediately make them illegal. Duterte, however, continued his position against the agreement and promised to sign an executive order. However, the Marawi crisis delayed the signing. Since 2018, President Duterte has not signed an executive order on the total abolition of the contractual agreement. On March 15, 2018, a rally was organized by workers` groups to protest against the PRESIDENTIAL delay of the OP. Finally, on May 1, Duterte signed an OP that would end the convention, although labor groups would criticize the president for his action, because it was not the project signed with them. [7] When contracting is subject to the existing parameters of the law, companies should not be forced to automatically regulate their contractual agents, provided that they comply properly with the 2011 DOLE 18-A series, which stipulates that workers should be entitled, under a legal contractual agreement, to the same benefits as those granted by the Labour Code. , the right to security of seniority. and the right to collective bargaining.

The word Endo derives from an abbreviated version of the term “end of contract.”