If none of them apply to your business, you are not required to comply with the terms of a collective agreement. In this case, you just have to respect the provisions of the French labour code. However, you must still mention the name of the collective agreement on employee payslips. The provisions of the collective agreement are not included in the employment contract. Workers have the freedom to negotiate more favourable contractual terms with their employer individually than the collective agreement provides. The collective agreement consists of a main text applicable to all workers and several additional texts (annexs, amendments, etc.) which apply in particular to certain categories of workers. The appendices can also be used to address certain points that are not addressed in the main text. A collective agreement can also be identified by the company`s NAF or EPA code. This code characterizes the main activity of the company from the French nomenclature of activities.

The number assigned by INSEE (French Statistical Institute) to each company and each of its subsidiaries consists of four numbers and one letter. In addition, a worker`s pay slip must also mention the collective agreement applicable to his or her business. The employer is also required to fulfil certain obligations relating to the process of communication/information of workers: collective agreements adapting to the specifics of each sector of activity, or even depending on geographical areas, their provisions can vary considerably from case to case. It is important that workers, employers (or their representatives) know what collective agreement applies to their business and be able to read and interpret it correctly. A collective agreement adapts the general provisions of the French labour code to the specific situations of an industry and establishes obligations that the labour code does not impose (for example. (b) the application of a pension scheme) or employee-specific benefits, such as the duration of probation, minimum wage schedules, paid leave, allowances or extraordinary leave.