11.1 Expenses. (a) Except in accordance with this section 11.1 or otherwise provided for in this agreement, each party bears its respective expenses, costs and expenses (including legal fees) related to the proposed transactions, including the preparation, implementation and delivery of this agreement, as well as compliance with that agreement, whether or not the proposed transactions have been concluded. (b) Alibaba and Yahoo! share equally all expenses (other than Section 4.7 taxes) related to the transfer of assets to Alibaba and all regulatory charges associated with the return. 2.19 Staff, work matters, etc. No member of the Chinese group is a party to or is bound by a collective agreement, and there are no unions or other organizations that claim to represent or, to the knowledge of a member of the Chinese group, attempt to represent employees employed by a member of the Chinese group. Since 1 January 2004, there has been no strike, slowdown, strike, work stoppage, concerted refusal to work overtime or other similar concerted activities involving employees of a member of the Chinese group. There are no labour disputes currently subject to recourse, arbitration or litigation, and there is no pending or threatened application of representation with respect to employees common shares: the common shares, in value of US$0.0001 per share, of Alibaba. “transaction document,” this agreement and all certificates, agreements, documents and other instruments that must be exported and delivered as part of the transactions under one of the above conditions, as any of the above information may be amended, supplemented or amended from time to time. CONSIDERING that Yahoo! and certain shareholders of Alibaba and Tao Bao entered into the voting agreements at the same time as the implementation and implementation of this agreement, under which each of these shareholders, among others, agreed to vote in favour of the acceptance and approval of this agreement, the ancillary agreements and the proposed transactions; and this share contribution agreement (the “agreement”) will be organized, concluded and concluded on September 25, 2012 between Prime Estates and Developments, Inc., a Nevada company (“PMLT”) and the shareholders (“Contributors”) of Mainline Land Co.LLC., (“MLC”) in accordance with New York law (“Companies”). The seller represents the number of purchasers they repay and holds them unscathed and against them, and pays and reimburses each of them any losses, damages, liabilities, deeds, deeds, judgments, interest, interest, fines, fines, fees or expenses of any kind, including reasonable legal fees and the costs of enforcing a right of compensation, “losses” that are exposed by future persons on the basis of the , with respect to or because of: (i) an inaccuracy or violation of any of the taker`s insurance or guarantees contained in this agreement or a certificate or instrument provided by the latter under this agreement; or (ii) a violation or non-compliance with an agreement, agreement or obligation that must be carried out by the ceding officer in accordance with this agreement.