[2] The collective agreement, which dealt exclusively with a limited qualification allowance (“allotment”), was concluded on 28 January 2004, in accordance with the provisions of the bargaining council. [3] The Bargaining Board is a sectoral bargaining council created under the auspices of the Public Service Coordinating Council (“CSPS”) within the meaning of Section 37 of the Labour Relations Act[4] (`LRA`). The collective agreement was signed by the Minister of Health on behalf of the State as an employer and by three unions (DENOSA, NEHAWU and PSA) on behalf of their members. [16] Section 9, point (a) (a) (i) of the UCT agreement provides that, unless otherwise agreed by the university and the province, persons on the joint staff who hold the positions of dean, assistant dean or professor in the Faculty of Medicine are appointed under the terms served by the university. Other common staff are employed in the province`s terms of service. The joint staff therefore consists of those appointed by the university under its terms and conditions (“university employees”) and persons designated by the province exclusively on its commercial terms (“provincial employees”). Tablet work week: You can agree to work up to 12 hours a day without paid overtime. This agreement must be written down. If you work a compressed work week, workers cannot work more than 45 hours per week, 10 hours of overtime or 5 days a week. [60] The remaining question is whether the interviewees are workers within the scope of the bargaining council. As mentioned above, section 2.2 of the collective agreement expressly limits the application of the collective agreement to workers within the registered scope of the collective agreement. In addition, the powers and functions of a bargaining council covered by section 28 of the SSA can only be exercised or exercised with respect to its registered scope.

The introductory part of Section 28 makes it clear that the powers and functions of a bargaining council (including the power to enter into and enforce collective agreements)[25] can only be exercised or exercised “with respect to its registered scope.” A bargaining council may not exercise any power or functions relating to persons and matters outside its scope. [13] Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Hospitals are located on state land. The teaching hospital contracts provide that universities contribute to the capital costs for the construction and maintenance of classrooms, libraries, student common rooms, inns and other buildings reserved for the university`s needs on such public land. Universities are also responsible for the maintenance costs of these buildings and the costs of equipment and consumables for research purposes. The province is responsible for the capital and maintenance costs of hospitals, operating theatres, treatment centres and other equipment used to treat patients. You can take up to 21 days of uninterrupted annual leave or, by appointment, 1 day for every 17 working days or 1 hour for every 17 hours of work. [1] The applicant in the appeal lodged an appeal against the thieves against the decision of the labour tribunal (Moshoana AJ), by which it rejected its request for reconsideration and annulment of an arbitration award issued by the fifty-sixth respondent (“the Commissioner”). The first to fifty respondents (“respondents”) [1] are seeking a limited qualification allowance, which is due to them under a 2004 collective agreement with the Council of Public Health and Welfare (“Negotiation Council”). [2] The applicant argues that the respondents are outside the registered scope of the bargaining council and are therefore not entitled to the benefits of the collective agreement.