The laboratory includes a total of 25 hours of classes and exercises, materials for individual studies, ex ante tests, intermediate tests for each module and final examination. The lab will be held on the university`s online learning platform next November and will include exclusively asynchronous activities, neither in presence nor with pre-defined timing, so that the student can manage his own time and act independently of each other as long as he completes the activities and passes the last test until November 30. All students in the programs participating in the experiments can access the online learning platform through their institutional references and follow the lab. Pavia University Strada Nuova, 65 – Pavia Fullprint Communication, Innovation, Multimedia (CIM) COMMUNICATION CIM DEGREE COURSE – Communication, Innovation, 17 MOVING BY BUS IN PAVIA: THE UNIPASS CARD All Erasmus students can take advantage of the annual urban bus network subscription (THE UNIPASS) managed by LINE Pavia for 13 euros. In case of interest, students must fill out the form available on the site and add it to the student mobility office at check-in time: a photo card, a copy of the tax code copy of the identity document 13 euros (EXACT, WE DO NOT! TRAVELLING IN BUS TO PAVIA: CARTE UNIPASS All Erasmus students can make the UNIPASS card for 13 euros (for the whole year of study) to go around Pavia. The city bus is driven by LINE Pavia. In case of interest, students must fill out the form available on our website and give it to the Erasmus office at the time of registration: a passport photo, a copy of the tax code, a copy of your ID card, 13 euros (EXACTLY!) ITA ENG MEET THE FACULTY COORDINATOR Students should meet with the faculty coordinator to verify the learning agreement with the academic offer and updated course schedules. The opening hours of the reception are available on the teacher`s website on the faculty`s website. If it is necessary to change the learning agreement, students must complete the appropriate form available on our website. It must be signed by its Erasmus delegate from the Faculty of Pavia for approval and file a copy with the Student Mobility Office.

The erasmus faculty coordinator students should meet with the coordinator of the Erasmus faculty to verify the apprenticeship agreement with the current academic offer and the curriculum. The coordinator`s office time is available on the faculty`s website. Students must complete all changes to the originally proposed apprenticeship agreement, which is available on our website. It must be signed by the Erasmus coordinator in Pavia and students must then bring a copy to the Erasmus office. Extension of the PERIOD IN STUDY First semester students who wish to extend their study period must complete the corresponding form available on the website; – go to the Erasmus delegate in Pavia to get his signature, – to pass them on to the Erasmus office in Pavia.