The agreement also creates a working group on distance learning that will allow us to continue pushing the district for improvements in case of problems. Educators should share their concerns at your UTLA-Chapter meetings, so that chapter leaders can introduce issues to the working group and we can present those issues with collective support. Other themes can be organized in your chapter. “This agreement is what we need in this time of crisis to strengthen teaching and learning and expand the social-emotional support our students need,” said Cecily Myart-Cruz, President of UTLA. “Crisis distance learning is not ideal, but it is a temporary and necessary solution to keep our communities safe. We are living five months in a global pandemic that has exacerbated the racial and social inequalities that afflict our society. Our political and economic leaders must be serious about empowering our schools to safely reopen and giving our communities the safety net to survive the ravages of this pandemic. The agreement approved by members is a time agreement to ensure health and safety protocols, working conditions during the pandemic and a salary increase for all members. No assessment in 2021-2022 for permanent members of the UTLA bargaining unit who have not received an assessment below the default value in the last five years. In the event of ratification, the provisional agreement would expire at the end of the current school year. Unless expressly provided for in the new agreement, all the provisions of the sideletter would apply to the physical reopening of schools for hybrid teaching for the working conditions of the members of the sideletter. An ambitious and democratic bargaining platform is how we fight to invest this money in the long-term needs of our schools and students. The three-step process: 1.

Identify priorities through in-depth member discussions with town halls with parents and community organizations.2. The UTLA Board of Directors will take advantage of this feedback to develop a draft trading platform.3. All members will vote on the proposed negotiating platform before starting negotiations with the LAUSD. After 3 negotiating sessions, LAUSD did not present any proposals or counter-proposals. UTLA made proposals on salary and remuneration, HHS staff and special education. Although the borough received information during the last two sessions and heard passionate stories about the day-to-day issues facing our bilingual and special educators, it still refused to commit to putting proposals on the table on March 26, when we have our next bargaining session. UTLA and LAUSD have not yet reached an agreement on distance learning for the start of the 2020-21 academic year, but considerable progress has been made.