You may from time to time require [the maintenance company] to provide other services that are not included in the service plan for devices described in a particular equipment plan or for which no equipment plan has been finalized. [Maintenance Company] will make reasonable efforts to provide such service at 90% of its current and standard hours. When we talk about maintenance contracts, there are many types of contracts, but the most common type is the memorandum of understanding or MOU. It is a written agreement between the customer and the service provider, which contains the basic conditions of the agreement as well as the mutual understanding of the rights and obligations of both parties. Another type of maintenance contract is the framework contract or MA. This is the agreement that contains details and a broad perspective of the services requested by the customer and the quality of the services, as well as the rights of the service provider and payment plans. Another type is the service level agreement or SLA. It is the agreement that contains the details and brief description of each service and its quality expected by the customer. An accurate description of the services gives the client a clear idea of what awaits them and lets the service provider know what is expected of them. d.

Service requested outside of our normal business hours. The fee for the services to be provided under this Agreement is as follows: the seller`s obligation to provide the services is subject to: (a) the buyer informs the seller, within a reasonable time, of a malfunction of the covered product; (b) provide the seller with all information relating to the malfunction; (c) the packaging and shipment of the defective covered product (if maintained in storage) to the seller`s facility, in accordance with the seller`s instructions; d) provide access to the defective covered product and the installation of the buyer in which it is located and inform the seller of any risks that may arise during the maintenance of the covered product (if it is maintained on site); (e) the return of a completed and signed security certificate. Service providers should use service contracts whenever they intend to provide services to customers and to protect their own interests and ensure that they are compensated accordingly. They may wish to document the rate of pay for services, the frequency of invoices, insurance clauses, etc. A service contract is established when a service provider and a customer (or customer) exchange services for compensation. It can exist in a verbal format (such as when a client goes to a hair salon to get a haircut) or in a written format (such as a contract a freelance author might have with a site owner). (b) Entry at the Biosafety Level (“BSL”) 4 The location of the Buyer by an authorized service technician of the Seller (“Seller Representative”) is not permitted for any purpose; This Agreement shall apply to the equipment listed in the capital master plan. If we or the manufacturer replace the warranty devices with the same model number, the replacement device is also covered. With the exception of this type of replacement, no new or additional equipment shall be covered by this Agreement unless it is included in an equipment plan. Written service contracts are usually more necessary when the contractual terms become more complex or need to be explained more precisely.