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coupon sites); (4) may take place prior to your use; (5) may be invalidated or deducted by Poshmark at any time, for any reason, without liability to Poshmark, if Poshmark believes, in its discretion, that such credits are due to fraud or other abuse of the referral program or service. If your account has been blocked (see “Termination” below), you may not use these credits for the duration of your account block. A “cookie” is information that the computer that hosts our services gives to your browser when you access the services. Our cookies help us to provide additional functionality to the Services and to analyse the use of the Services in more detail. For example, our Services may create a cookie in your browser that allows you to access the Services without having to remember, and then have to enter a password more than once when visiting the Services. Browser web memories or LSOs are used for purposes similar to cookies. “Web beacons” are small, invisible graphic images that may be used in the Services or in emails in connection with the Services, in order to collect certain non-identifiable personal data and to monitor user activity on the Services, for example. B in order to count visits, understand usage efficiency and determine if an email has been opened and responded to or if certain content has been viewed. .

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