The size of the client`s passport, the proof of the photo and the identity, which has been properly scanned, should be ready. (Maximum file size of the image format is 4MO (scanned image formats – `.jpeg`, `.png`) 1) The OTP will be sent to the owners contact number 2) The owner`s address and therefore the rented property address should not be the same. 3) If the police concerned wish to verify the information contained in the application, the applicant/owner of the land must go to the police station accordingly. 4) If there is a disparity in the information contained in the notification, action is often taken against the applicant/owner. Visit this NOC online police website for lease – Demand for rental housing in India`s major cities has steadily increased as people move to cities that offer job opportunities. The government also introduced the Model Tenancy Act 2019 project to promote rental housing in India and make the property rental process advantageous to both the landlord and the tenant. Nevertheless, homeowners face several challenges when renting their real estate. The landlord would be legally responsible for any illegal activity of the tenant on his site. Here, tenant verification becomes more important.

The process is different because the verification is done in the Commissioner`s office, from where you can purchase a form for 10 Rs. Copy rental contract, photo, proof of identity, etc. Pay a verification fee of 200 Rs for (or via your mobile app). Send the form to the Commissioner`s office and collect the receipt that the police will issue a certificate within one month. I confirm that the information I have provided in the above form is correct and correct in good conscience. I understand that withholding information or allegation of false information is a crime and can lead to prosecution against me Police verification is very important to pursue future crime, preventing illegal or illegal activities in residential buildings, continuing to identify foreign citizens, creating a fear of the police and the law for tenants and employees, so that they will not cross the border in the future. This also ensures the safety and maintenance of the dwellings in question, especially if you control the tenants before renting your property. It is also very useful to audit the police for employees.

You should not neglect this procedure by any means. I would like to rent, and I found them held online. Can you help me with verification, rental contracts, rent insurance and additional assistance in evacuating the house if necessary, etc.? Check the application form for the client police audit here. All terrorist and anti-national elements who rent accommodation under a false identity and falsified documents can be taken with police verification. After other cities of Maharashtra now Mumbai Citizen can perform police verification online after registering an online lease to mumbai at his fingertips by taking only a few steps. Not that as an owner, you should be too scared, or so careful that you completely stop renting and giving up a considerable source of income! This is far from the case. What you can do is hope for the best and at the same time follow the worst. Perform your due diligence by conducting the tenants` policy check, a simple and precautionary measure that is in fact required by law.