Precisely MapInfo Professional GIS is available for qualified charities and non-profit organizations at discounted prices. MapInfo Professional`s charitable copies are available at a 50% discount, and in some charitable areas there are even greater discounts when mass purchase contracts have been entered into. Under the program, eligible non-profit organizations can obtain ArcGIS licenses for an annual administrative payment of only $100 per license per year. Find out all about the features in MapInfo Pro`s different licensing levels. The program allows qualified non-profit organizations to request up to 75 ArcGIS Desktop seats and 2 ArcGIS Server software seats per organization. Alternatively, organizations can choose between four levels of a special enterprise licensing agreement (ELA) tailored to the needs of major operations. ArcGIS desktop software and ArcGIS Server contain all extensions. MapInfo Pro is only available at RockWare for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

MapInfo works and plays well with the existing IT infrastructure Info Pro v17 (64-bit) and MapInfo Pro v15 (32-bit) Database Server – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (also called SQL Space Server) – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (also called SQL Space Server) – Space Oracle 11Gr2, 10Gr2 – PostgreSQL 9.0.3 with PostGIS 1.5 – PostgreSQL 9.x with PostGIS 2.0.x – FDO 3.8 XY : – Microsoft Access 2007 , 2010 – Microsoft Office 2013 – Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Connectivity ODBC DRIVERS – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client v10 – Oracle ODBC Driver 11.11. 2 – PostgreSQL PILOTE ANSI ODBC 9.01.02 ORACLE OCI CLIENT – Oracle Instant Client v11. FDO TOOLKIT Use new heatmap and SQL functions to speed up your assignment. MapInfo helps you see your business data in a powerful new way RockWare is entitled to sell MapInfo Pro only in the U.S. and Canada. All others turn to Pitney Bowes for more information. ESRI President Jack Dangermond recently announced: “Countless non-profit organizations with many levels of hardworking and volunteers are trying to make our world a better place. With this flexible program, we hope to give these organizations the tools they need to better visualize and analyze spatial information so that they can accomplish their various missions. ESRI is one of the world`s leading GIS solutions companies and has launched a program for non-profit organizations. MapInfo Professional is a powerful mapping and GIS application that helps users gain new insights into their markets, exchange information-rich maps and charts, and improve strategic decision-making using location analytics. Supported languages: English French German Italian Spanish Spanish Japanese Japanese Chinese simplified Dutch Dutch Hebrew Korean Polish Portuguese Russian Turkish.