92. At the time of the award of the M6 toll contract, there was widespread criticism that the operator had the authority to decide the amount of royalties and that the government had no control. Under the M6 toll legislation, the dealer is responsible for all aspects of road operation. [176] The transfer of such total control to the private sector does not deprive the government of control over a broader transport policy. As Advantage West Midlands told us: 97. In December 2002, the Secretary of State for Transport supported the recommendation of the West Midlands Multi-Modal Study to the Northwest to extend the M6 to four lanes in each direction. The Highways Agency had drawn up enlargement plans, but in July 2004 the Ministry of Transport launched a consultation on a toll-road M6 Expressway north of Birmingham in Manchester. In the consultation document, the Department of Transport notes that the department has learned from the M6 toll experience since the end of the year, with the Secretary of State expressing support for the expansion of M6. [185] Given the doubts about the available data on the M6 toll, we are concerned that the Minister of Transport believes that this data should be used to freeze the findings of the multi-modal study and to launch a consultation on a new proposal for an additional toll highway, the M6 motorway. In June 2006, the decision not to increase the toll was attributed to disappointing traffic and resulted in impairment for the owner. [32] An M6 toll day is an electronic toll collection device attached to the windshield of a vehicle that records the vehicle`s passage through tolls on the M6 toll. We propose to support the assertions of the consultation on the M6 motorway with further analysis. If the results of the consultation process to support the regime are found, the full cost-benefit analysis and impact analysis of the M6 highway must take into account the possibility that national road use routes may be in place until the new toll road is opened.

In 1989, it was learned that it was to be built privately and a competition was held, won in 1991 by Midland Expressway Ltd. [2] The contract stipulated that a 53-year concession for the construction and operation of the road was an early form of public-private partnership with the operator, who paid for the construction and reimbursed its costs by fixing and imposing tolls , which allowed a construction period of three years to 50 years of operation.