Critics point to the scale of the epidemics reflects deep gaps in the management of the company and the treatment of patients, which have been documented for years in complaints from families, former collaborators and federal lawyers. They have consistently described a business that has been affected by understaffing and disability care, deficiencies that critics say have likely impeded by infecting hundreds of residents and caregivers. “The selection of a handful of reports, especially in these challenging times, has allowed the press to paint a picture of our company that does not accurately reflect our values or the hard work we do every day to take care of our residents and employees,” said Killian. “Therapy in licensed care facilities must be medically acceptable and necessary for every patient, and we will continue to conduct intensive business investigations to prevent fraud and abuse,” said Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “The company integrity agreement with Life Care is designed to ensure that Life Care`s delivery of therapeutic services is determined by the needs of their patients in the future.” Over the past three years, dozens of living homes have received below-average staff assessments or have been reported during inspections for not having enough nurses to adequately care for patients, according to the CMS. This comparison responds to accusations that Life Care filed false claims for rehabilitation therapy between January 1, 2006 and February 28, 2013 by systematically striving to increase its Medicare and Tricare bills. Medicare reimburses qualified care services at a maximum daily rate that meets the needs of qualified patients for the care and care of their qualified patients. The greater the patient`s skilled treatment and care needs, the higher the Medicare reimbursement. The highest Medicare reimbursement for qualified care facilities is for “Ultra High” patients who require at least 720 minutes of qualified treatment in two therapeutic disciplines (. B for example, physical, professional, language), one of which must be provided five days a week. “These bad practices have led to great sympathy for the proliferation of coronaviruses and harmful pathogens among the five inhabitants.

Second-floor residents who were directly cared for by staff, residents on the second floor interacting with each other, residents who lived on the first floor, receiving food from the kitchen, and nine residents transported to the hospital tested covid-19 positively,” the inspector wrote.