1. their right to a 5% share of ore mining revenues at Voisey`s Bay was not properly calculated in light of the refining costs of ore in Newfoundland; [1] Nunatsiavut Government v. Newfoundland and Labrador, 2020 NLSC 129 at point 69. 3.81 Monitoring compliance. This finding is important as each department and agency is required to monitor the progress of its obligations. An appropriate monitoring system is therefore an important part of monitoring the implementation of the agreement. The two related agreements include the tax financing agreement and the Labrador Inuit Park Impact and Benefits Agreement. 3.10 The Budget Funding Agreement defines the financial contributions that the federal government would provide to the nunatsiavut government and describes the programs and services that the government would provide with this funding. The contract was signed in 2005 (then extended until 2012) for the period 2005-2010. This agreement was then renegotiated and signed for the period 2012-2017. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada has fulfilled its obligations under the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.

Environment Canada`s response. All right. Environment Canada recognizes the importance of providing accurate procurement data in all areas of the comprehensive land damage agreement. Environment Canada will review its business processes and raise awareness of all obligations under the land damage agreement in general. Environment Canada is committed to reporting the data quarterly to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The Innu Nation`s claim, accepted in 1978 by the federal government to negotiate, covers about 70% of Labrador. A framework agreement signed in 1996 by Canada, the Netherlands and the Innu Nation sets the ground rules for negotiations. The Court also found that the province breached its duty to consult with the Nunatsiavut government, as requested by the treaty, by failing to inform it of a reduction or abolition of the Voisey`s Bay mineral tax and by failing to consult with them ahead of the negotiations and by accepting the amendment agreements.

After finding a breach of the duty to consult under the treaty, the Court did not consider whether there had been a breach of the common law. Parks Canada`s response. All right. Parks Canada (the Agency) reports, in accordance with Treasury Council policy, on large land applications that contract quarterly activities for the awarding of contracts to Aboriginal people and Northern Development Canada. The Agency recognizes the importance of having accurate data to account for supply in areas where land use requirements are widespread. The Agency will review its business processes and training approaches to its contracting officers by March 2016 to raise awareness of overall land requirements obligations in general and systemic requirements for contract collection and monitoring in these areas. 3.4 In the federal framework for the management of modern contracts and the corresponding guide for the Confederation`s implementation of broad national demands and self-management agreements, these agreements are signed for the tripartite IPA, the Lower Churchill IBA and the Upper Churchill Regatta Agreement on November 18, 2011 in Natuashish.