The Prime Minister says he does not believe the EU would do so, but warns: “By actively undermining our country`s Union, such an interpretation would seriously jeopardise peace and stability in Northern Ireland.” “I welcome recent statements by senior US politicians, including Joe Biden, that a free trade agreement between the US and Britain will not go through Congress if Boris Johnson does not abides by the Good Friday agreement.” Twenty-one years ago, on Good Friday in 1998, we ended the agreement to end the conflict in Northern Ireland. Our names of Prime Minister and Taoiseach in this document were followed by people from all over the British and Irish political spectrum who had worked so hard for peace. The Good Friday Agreement was a monumental moment for both our countries and the people of both countries took advantage of the opportunities it offered. The bill also reignited the Brexit debate in Westminster, with members of the Conservatives` European Research Group, an influential collective of MPs committed to a hard Brexit, considering tabling amendments that would give ministers the power to ignore other elements of the protocol as well. This could include control and process requirements for goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The diversity of Brexit deals that have been discussed and the immensity of the Brexit promises made in 2016 are so great that it is unlikely that a deal is what public opinion voted for. The British people should have the last word. They should be asked whether, now that they know everything they are doing, they want to continue, on whatever basis, the government and parliament. After the Good Friday agreement, there were two referendums. The referendum in Northern Ireland on the deal, based on facts and not on promises, clarity and ambiguity, got a 71% “yes” vote.