A funded head is the best solution for many companies because of the flexibility it offers. In Germany, the subsidized director allows you to avoid complex and strict labour laws that protect workers with a wide range of rights. A German law, “protection against illegal dismissal”, makes it almost impossible to dismiss an employee. Softshell stops processing costs, manages and handles cost management, while you remain thin in personnel and budget planning and you are far from the German legal restrictions. I agree with your ideas on the concept of “funded head” within the distribution. In addition, I agree that this person cannot be “renamed.” A change in renaming or partial financing within the distributor would lead to a system where excuses would dominate results and make it more difficult to measure results. An alternative to rebranding, which could work well, would be to move from employment at the manufacturer to the distributor as part of this type of program (which can be brought together by staff). In addition, this could allow the manufacturer to reallocate and concentrate existing talent within its organization in order to increase its turnover while reducing total costs (benefits, cars, etc.). Well done, a funded head scenario has an advantage. Today, there are many qualified candidates on the market. Thanks to local networks – businesses and social distributors – distributors know who these people are and how to reach them… Hurry up.

No longer interviews, no delays in the human resources department and (generally) no moving costs. But wait, there are others. Many of these qualified candidates already have a rudimentary idea of the local market. Sometimes they even have a history with the customers you want to reach. The growth side of the economy is the right time to take advantage of this advantage, to seize opportunities. I am a strong advocate of a scientific sales process. In addition, I am the main proponent of using distributor specialists to advance the sales process. For much of this article, I woke up as if you were adding a generic seller. For some distributors, this may work. However, for many distributors and their suppliers, it makes much more sense to add a subsidized chief specialist.

Our research shows that distributors of the top quartiles – those who executed 75% of their colleagues – use specialists to promote the distribution of a supplier or technology group. Subsidized specialists will influence distribution dynamics. A “funded head” is a commercial agent (at least partially) paid by a supplier partner.