The franchisor grants the franchisee, for the duration of this contract and subject to the applicable conditions, the right to manage the transaction from the premises, to use the know-how and to use the marks in accordance with this agreement. The content of a franchise agreement can vary considerably depending on the franchise system, the national jurisdiction of the franchisor, the franchisee and the arbitrator. By signing this agreement, both parties recognize the understanding and agreement of all the above conditions. You have just finished participating in Discovery Day and you like what you experienced in this last part of the franchise trial. You have decided that this is the franchise for you. They sit down at the end of the day with the franchisor and put the franchise contract on the table. There are things you need to know. 1) Definition 1.1 “customer”: the person, company or any person acting on behalf of and with the customer`s authority who asks IFB to provide the services in accordance with a proposal, offer, order, invoice or other document, and (a) when there is more than one customer, a reference to each customer is jointly responsible; and (b) if the client is a partnership, it binds each partner together; and (c) if the client is part of a trust, he is bound as an agent; and (d) executors, administrators, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the transfer of the client. 1.2 “Confidential information” confidential information that is not limited to this contract, i.e. intellectual property, operational information, know-how, trade secrets, financial and commercial affairs, contracts, customer information (including, but not limited to, “personal information” such as: name, address, D.O.B, Occupation, driver`s license details, electronic contact (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or any details on social media), medical insurance details or additional family information (if any) previous credit prices. 1.3 “Contract” refers to the terms contained in this contract, accompanied by an offer, an order, an invoice or other documents changes that are expressed in addition to this contract.

1.4 “Cookies” are small files stored on a user`s computer. They are designed to contain a small amount of data (including personal data) specific to a specific customer and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or by the client`s computer. If the customer does not want the cookies in the background to be exported by the site when ordering, the customer has the right to turn cookies on/off by choosing the option to turn on/off via their browser before ordering services via the site. 1.5 “copy” refers to all content, promotional materials (including but not limited to manuscripts, general copies, graphics and other digital media or content) that are made available to IFB for inclusion in an IFB publication or advertisement on an IFB website. 1.6 “GST” refers to the goods and services tax under the “A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth). 1.7 “IFB”: Octomedia Pty Ltd T/A franchise inside business, its successors and beneficiaries of the assignment, or anyone acting on behalf and with the authority of IFB. 1.8 “Ancillary objects” are all goods, documents, constructions, drawings or materials provided, consumed, created or deposited by IFB by performing services or providing them to the customer. 1.9 “Prohibited Content”: all content on all media (including advertising, contributions, comments, etc.) that: (a) are in violation of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 or could reasonably be considered an offence; fair trading acts of Australia`s applicable states and territories and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA); or any other applicable law or applicable sector law; or (b) contains or could reasonably be considered contained in your view; misleading, misleading or misleading, misleading, misleading or otherwise deceptive, or likely to be considered illegal; or (c) the rights of the