. Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, with respect to section 32 of the contract of sale between the parties. The petitioner made an affidavit against the prayer in question. Agreement with the first interviewee. The concessionaire agreement contains a specific clause for arbitration proceedings. Article 32 of the concessionaire contract provides that in the event of a dispute between the. The petitioner repeated another allegation concerning the non-production of a trader`s contract. The same agreement was submitted by the petitioner at the same time as the action brought in No 73 d`O. S of 2008.

The application form for ioCL merchants can be submitted on plain paper in the format indicated below. All other certificates necessary for the application of the IOCL commercial format are available here: the applicant must provide the documents below together with the IOCL retailer application form. . in the order of termination. The appeal was dismissed by the High Court on the ground that the relationship between the parties was contractual and that the concessionaire contract was one. R.C Lahoti, J.- congé. 2. By an agreement concluded on 31 March 1994 between Indian Oil Corporation Limited and the complainants, the complainants became the complainants.

controversial. The complainants were informed of a suspected dismissal on 6 September 2000, which immediately terminated the complainant`s car dealership. In the previous part of the communication, there is a casualness. . of the company, the appeal preferred by the petitioner having been rejected, while the order to terminate the merchant contract of 01.2.2013 was confirmed, the order to terminate. The merchant contract of 01.2.2013 and the appeal decision of 31.5.2013 are contested in Annexes 14 and 21 of the application.3. The facts are not disputed, but they are admitted. That`s right. The plaintiff happens to be a retailer of the defendant company, whose agreement dates back to 10.12.1990 A copy of the concessionaire contract is now recorded by the company by means of a report. Note: Government authorities or power supplies can be considered directly for the allocation of the distributor without advertising. . Merchant.

Initially, a concession contract of 1.2.1976 was concluded. From time to time, the dealership contract was renewed. A new concession contract of 18.11.2001 was concluded by the three. Partner of the company with HPCL. The agreement signed by all partners in 2001 replaced all previous concession contracts. It is indisputable that the parties are subject to this agreement. There is no dispute either. valid until 31.12.2010 and hpCL regularly admits kerosene to the company in accordance with the orders of the Joint Collector. However, it is indisputable that the concessionaire contract the. .

of the Code of Civil Procedure in the applicant`s appeal against the respondent 1. 2. Under the 1974 contract, the applicant is in possession of the. Sales contract. The opinion does not relate to that structure, but to the two properties incorporated without authorisation by the present applicant. According to him. Any appeal by the respondent against the applicant may be made only for breach of the agreement, on the basis of another plea. The consolidation of these two in the same action. .

the concessionaire contract for a service station. Not satisfied with the respondent`s response, the applicant in both cases contacted the CIC in the second appeal.2. As far as .. 3. ITR request of 21.10.2015 (file. .