API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program that enables the consistent production of products that comply with current API specifications. Licensed manufacturers are allowed to apply the Monogram registered API mark to devices that meet the requirements. The API monogram is a certification mark registered with the API. The API monogram program allows licensed manufacturers to apply the mark to devices that meet the requirements of the API specification and that have been manufactured in a quality management system that meets the API Q1 specification. The API Quality Registrar program can register your organization`s management system (MS) according to all of the following specifications. COVID 19 Warning Most recent information regarding API monogram holders, API monogram applicants, APIQR registrants and APIQR applicants regarding audits related to the coronavirus outbreak: Download the document. Registered Spec Q1 API companies show their customers that they are able to consistently deliver reliable products and manufacturing-related processes that meet customer and legislative requirements. Copies of the code of conduct documents and the declaration of impartiality are provided, as well as means of contact with the API in the event of a breach or complaint. Licensees demonstrate that they have a quality management system that complies with the Spec Q1 API, an industry-leading quality management standard. API Spec Q1 meets most of the requirements of ISO 9001 as well as requirements specific to the oil and gas industry. APIQR provides registration in accordance with ISO 14001, the international standard that defines the requirements of an effective environmental management system. Apiqr is accredited by ANAB and plays an important role in reducing your impact on the environment and meeting customers` consistently high expectations for entrepreneurial responsibility. ISO 14001 can be integrated into ISO 9001 to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

API Spec Q2 is the first international standard for quality management systems (QMS) for exploration and production service providers serving the oil and gas industry. Specifications written by the industry apply to critical activities such as construction, intervention, production, task, well maintenance, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities. Before applying for an API Monogram License, you must first: Licensee agrees that the use of the API Monogram on the Products constitutes a warranty and warranty of licensee with respect to the API and buyers of the Licensee`s Products that the Products meet the applicable API standards, specifications, and requirements.