to make a special condition as part of an agreement. These don Enrique Enriques, Chief Steward, Don Gutierre de Cardenas, Chief Auditorate, and Dr. Rodrigo Maldonado, representing very sublime and very powerful princes, the Lord and the Lady, the King and Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Sicily, Granada, etc., because of their power in question, which is incorporated above, and ruy de Sousa in question, Dom Joao de Sousa , his son, , and Arias of Almadana, representative and ambassador of this very high and very excellent prince, the King of Portugal and the Algarve on this side and across the sea in Africa, Lord of Guinea, because of his power in question, which is incorporated above, promised and confirmed, on behalf of his constituents, that they and their successors and kingdoms and kingdoms forever and forever , would hold, observe and accomplish, truly and effectively, renounces all fraud, tax evasion, deception, lies and appearance, everything is stipulated in this treaty, and any part and package of it; they wished and approved that all that is stipulated in this agreement and any part of this agreement be respected, respected and executed, as is all that is stipulated in the peace treaty, between the Lord in question and the lady, the king and queen of Castile, Aragon, etc. and Lord Dom Alfonso, King of Portugal (may he rest in glory) and the king in question. , the current ruler of Portugal, his son, then prince in 1479, must be observed, fulfilled and executed, and among these penalties, bonds, securities and bonds, in accordance with and in the manner stipulated in this peace treaty. They also committed [by promise] that neither the aforementioned parties, nor any of them, nor their successors, should forever violate or reject what is said and specified above, nor any part or part of it, directly or indirectly, or in any way, at any time or in any way, intentionally or intentionally, or that may or may , as part of the measures taken in the context of that peace; and if the fine is paid or not paid or paid free of charge, this obligation, agreement and contract will remain in force and will remain firm, stable and valid forever. While they guard, observe, execute and pay for everything, the representatives in question, acting on behalf of their constituents in question, have promised to be owned and owned by the owners, mobile and real, heritage and tax, each of their respective parties and their subjects and vassals. They have waived all laws and rights that could be exploited by these parties or by one of them to violate or reject the above or part of them; and for greater security and stability of the above, they swore before God and Blessed Mary, and on the sign of the cross on which they put their right hands, and on the words of the Holy Gospels, wherever they are most written, and on the conscience of their constituents in question, that they, in solidarity, observe and fulfill all the parts and all the aforementioned sets , really and effectively, renounce all fraud, tax evasion, deception, forgery and pretence, and that they do not contradict at any time or in any way. And under the same oath, they swore not to seek absolution or to release it from our Holy Father or another legate or prelate who could give it to them.

And even if, proprio motu, it should be given to them, they will not use it; On the contrary, they ask our Most Holy Father, by this present agreement, to act in this name, so that his holiness may be happy to confirm and approve this agreement, in accordance with what is established there; and that he orders that his bulls, as far as they are concerned, be delivered to the parties or to what the parties may ask of them, with the tone of this agreement which it contains, and that he shall stop his censorship on those who violate or reject them at any time.